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In medical dictionaries in the 1990s, appeared  a new conception - "functional medicine". The  speciality of functional medicine, consists in the eliminating of the imbalances in the body, which caused the disease, but not in the treating the symptoms of the disease, how it is done in classical medical-oriented medicine. It is a science, that offers  cure, which are allowing the people to fully develop and use their potential. This science asks the question: "What conditions are necessary for a person to live a full life and quality?"  And if we have a possibility to represent all of medicine schematically in the form of a tree, than we can see, that from "roots" begins the functional medicine, and   the classical medicine works  in the level of  "leaves".


At one time, an outstanding doctor Nikolai Amosov had wroten: "Doctors treat disease and health  need  to produce yourself." Produce health - it is not easy, it is hard work.


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