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Not reveling in words,

Life convinces us again:

Abilities need help,

Mediocrities will strike themselves.



At the dawn of human society, the word "talent" - called the weight measure of precious metals. Now by this term we mean the other kind of capital - natural talent (ability) to a particular type of activity. Abilities – are the main treasures, we are coming into this world with, and the main support, which helps us not only to survive, and also to enjoy life. Our talents - are energy potential, which needs to be realized in full and is one of the factors of internal tension, when such realization is missing.

Talents have to "work" and to be involved to the fullest. When this happens, the person becomes successful, as does what she can best. Talents can not be "buried in the ground," it is necessary to know about them, they need to develop. Talents - a gift from God, given us to be happy!

How do you know about your talents? You can try yourself in different fields, and in such a manner to choose "your own" type of activity (if you're lucky). Or you can see a doctor kinesiologist and test talents.

Methods of Applied Kinesiology are possible to find not only the basic talent, but also to estimate the proportion (expression) of the talents of each individual. All this, gives a person the benefits of right choosing a profession or other activities.


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