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The vertebrologist is the high-level professional, who is specializing on the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of different vertebral column diseases. Vertebrologist is able to help you with such frequent diseases of vertebral column, as osteochondrosis, intervertebral discs’ problems, scoliosis, postural disorder, instability of certain segments and with other disorders of vertebral column.

If earlier the problems of vertebral column handled neurologists, neurosurgeons, then now, increasingly, patients are treated with these problems to the orthopedist, or exact to vertebrologist.

The speciality of vertebrologist’s work consists in trying to find the optimum option of neurosurgery treatment above mentioned diseases. As you know, most of the back diseases are successfully treated with conservative methods, and only by the particular results - surgically. That’s why, on the vertebrologist’s professional level, depends the success of conservative treatment, or measurement for surgery.

The vertebrologist’s profession is very difficult, because besides basic professional education it includes also comprehensive knowledge of many related disciplines (surgery, neurology, orthopedics, manual medicine, etc.). Vertebrologist employs the traditional and alternative methods of diagnostics and treatment. For this reason, the results of his work are much better, than the work and efforts of ordinary specialists.


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