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People are treating with pharmaceutical drugs to self-destruction, taking one drug after another. However, the pharmaceutical drugs should have only support role, and should be assigned to defined indices. It is quite difficult to prescribe immediately the optimal drug that will give a clinically significant effect. However, it can do the kinesiologist, using the methods of Applied Kinesiology.

One of the most unique technologies in the work of doctor kinesiologist is an individual selection of drugs for the patient.

If the system or organ is in imbalance, then it will be shown as decreasing of muscle tone, which is reflex associated with this organ / system.

Pharmaceuticals, which are testing on the patient's body; can be allopathic drugs, herbal, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. The selection of drugs is carried out by muscular testing. At the heart of this phenomenon is the following fact: when the body is in contact with the drug, which is helpful for him, then comes the tone increasing of weak muscle (resonance phenomenon in biosystem).

Increased muscle tone is the patient’s answer reaction to the drug provocation, which (by prescription) will help the body to cope with a problem.

Selection is carrying out as follows.

The doctor is putting drugs on the patient's body and testing weak muscle. If a definite drug increases muscle tone, then the drug is effective, and when the tone does not change, such a drug is inappropriately to prescribe. In this way the patient's body "speaks" that fits the bill and what must refrain from. Selection of drugs with the help of muscle testing helps to improve the treatment effect up to 95-98%! In the traditional theoretical selection of the drugs the therapeutic effect is 40-50% and is often equated with effect placebo therapy.

For the majority this information can be strange, but the technique works. In our world there are a lot of strange and unusually things, and that’s why they are not always understandable. However, it does not mean, that these knowledge and skills we can’t use for the benefit of our patients.


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