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  • Author - MedAlternatyva

Look at your child's posture !!!


Posture - is a balanced position of the spinal column and muscles, surrounding it, in a system, called the musculoskeletal system of human. Each disorders of our body are represented at the posture, as the spinal column and back muscles are central. The man with the beautiful posture immediately attracts attention, because this posture is not often seen.  There are so many people with postural disorder, that they are no longer paying attention by the other.

Each person creates his or her own posture from childhood. Look at your child from the outside and you will see, that his or her posture is far from ideal. The checkup should be done in frontal and sagital planes (front / back and sides).


If you have seen postural disorder, then most of all, it is talking about serious violations in the musculoskeletal system of the child and it is need immediately to do something. If you do not see any significant changes, it does not mean that they are not. More than likely, you do not have certain knowledge / skills to see these changes.


During the checkup of the child from the front and back, you should pay attention to the main guidelines:


• line, drawn through the earlobes;

• line, drawn through the shoulder joints;

• line, drawn through the inferior angles of scapula;

• line, drawn through the top of the pelvic bone;

• line, drawn through the gluteal fold;

• line, drawn through the fingertips inverted hands;

• line, drawn through the center of the popliteal space.


It is conveniently to pay attention to the distance from hands, pressed to the hips, to the waist ("waisttriangles" must be symmetrical) and to the position of the spinal axis, arms, legs and feet.


During the checkup of the child from the side, you should pay attention to the main guidelines:


• line, drawn through the ear canal and the lateral angle of eye socket;

• line, drawn through the back and front top pelvic axis.


Normally, these lines should be parallel to the horizontal line, and the line drawn from the ear canal down, must be passing through the center of the shoulder joint, the big trochanter and the middle of the foot.

If you notice any violation of these lines in the child - it is better to consult a specialist, who can help to determine the cause of deformation, prescribe suitable treatment and to stop the process.

You should control your posture from childhood and throughout life. As a matter of fact, posture shows not only our appearance, but also the inward man, posture - is the window to man soul.

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