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What is the main reason for visiting doctor? Of course - it's pain. There are many causes of pain. It comes out of accident, inflammation, toxication etc. Pain is the alarm, warning the human about the problem, which body cannot overcome itself. If we don't find out the causes of pain and prescribe a drug, then we "shut up" the body without helping it. That's why it is so important to find and understand the real reason of pain and after that to use the most suitable cure. Simple example - back pain. How to find out and understand what brings pain on: vertebra, intervertebral cartilage, ligaments, muscles or something else? What is the way of pain. Is the pain cause or consequence? It's interesting to know, that answer  all this questions can the patient themselves because his body hides nothing and knows all the truth about itself. The doctor's task is to learn "body language" understanding.

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"Instant diagnosis of body dysfunction"

"Complex resumption of musculoskeletal system"

"Correction of metabolic disorders"

"Life without back pain"

"Correction of postural disorders"

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How is kinesiology session going?
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The method is based on the patient's muscle tone of muscles assessment. Muscle tone is the main diagnostic criterion. According to the muscle tone, specialist can diagnose the localization of disease, choose the necessary drug and the optimal strategy of prevention and treatment.

Choose your way of treatment...
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Modern medicine, reaching significant results in their scientific and practical development, is able to save the patient’s life even in situations, which previously were found it impossible. However, it is nearly powerless in chronic body processes, which are manifested not so much as diseases, but as disorders of various functions. That’s why, in such cases comes to the fore the functional medicine.

Selection of drugs by doctor kinesiologist
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Selection of drugs with the help of muscle testing helps to improve the treatment effect up to 95-98% ...

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