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"I'm going to give you the information never been available in this form previously. It's time to realize how great is subconscious uncontrolled parents’ influence on the children and what key aspects can be sent. It's time to realize, that this influence exceed manifold thing, you called “conscious parenting”

Hortum Mundi

The mother and the child health problems have the same root. How can it be? It’s the way it was always. The question is how the mother realizes this close relationship. Let’s remember words of ancient wisdom Hermes Trismegistus "In the nature and in the universe everything is working on principle: as above - so below, as inside - so outside, as in big - so in small." We can add "As the mother so the child ..."


The mother and child have an open communication channel, which can be figuratively described as "communicating vessels». This is tangled cluster of thirteen conditional separate carriers, which rotates, create the single channel, like a funicle.


Below are a few theses about gross errors (often subconscious, but still ignorant) on the part of parents, who have recurrence to high qualified specialist of alternative medicine, for their children.


Parents do not want to hear, they made stupid mistakes with their children.


Parents do not want to hear, they could disservice to the child, by virtue of their ignorance and unfamiliarity.


Parents do not want to hear,they aren’t doing all for their children.


Parents do not want to hear that the first thing, they must pay attention, if the child is ill, is the energy relation between mother and child. They are not able to realize and accept the fact that as long as the mother will have health problems - both physical and psychological – it will be difficult for the child to be healthy. Parents do not want to hear, the cause of their child's illness often comes out of family relationship problems. None of them does not want to hear anything like that, because especially "advanced" parents believe, they have done all their best for the child, they are wise and smart enough to do such a horribly wrong actions and decisions to the child.


They are convinced, they keep everything under control and it’s impossible for them that any doctor, whose task is only “shut up and treat”, is pointing to their mistakes and errors, especially in family relationships.


The parents are not ready to hear, they are not paying attention to the child, and put their own needs above the children needs.


Parents do not want to hear, the child feels the true parents’ attitude to him as a patient, addled and hopeless, and as a result - they get overall deterioration in the child ‘s condition and the disease’s progression. These parents don’t disclaiming deep in mind, they are ashamed of their child in the society, hiding him subconsciously, because it breaks social minds about them like about "ideal parents"


There is nothing better for the child, as the parents who sacrifice their ambitions, their authority, their ego only for any chance to give their child health and entirety. It is truly a parent feat, worthy of respect.


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