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Cranio-sacral therapy. What is at the back of  this unusual term?

Before making a start of description the mechanisms of the curative action of the therapy, by Cranio-sacral methods, let's look at some typical cases, found in work almost every doctor.

In everyday medical practice, quite often are happened the patients, who have different complaints, the main reason of which, is very difficult to find. These patients may for many years go by different specialists, endless check-up and be treated, obtaining any positive results. Maximum effort of classical medicine and pharmacologic therapy - is symptomatic relief for the period of several weeks or months. But doctors, which make a helpless gesture, and aren’t able to determine a diagnosis - are not a reason to be in despair.

Recent research in osteopathy, have established, that the cause of many "incurable" conditions, is often a disorder of the so-called cranio-sacral system of the body.

Term cranio-sacral system is derived from the words "cranium" - the brainpan and "sacrum" - the sacrum. Osteopaths denote by this term anatomical and functional complex structures at the level of the central nervous system, including the meninx, cerebral axis, the walls of cerebral ventricles, cranial bones and their joining seams, the vertebral column, including the sacrum and the coccyx, the membranes, which are bespreading  the spinal canal (pachymeninx),  the brain and cerebrospinal circulation.

The interlink cranio-sacral system, is the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In fact, the cerebrospinal fluid and intracerebral membrane - is the core of cranio-sacral system.

It is found, that the brain functions in rhythmic pulsation conditions, producing synthesis and kick of spinal fluid into the encephalocoel at intervals of 6-14 surges a minute. During the kick of fluid and CSF absorption, are activated biochemical und metabolic processes, so as the result is the brain feeding and, the regulation of working of peripheral nerve tissues. Neurotransmitters (hormones of the nervous system), which are coming into the cerebrospinal fluid, ensure the normal function of many vital centers that regulate:

- cardiac activity;

- breath;

- working of endocrine systems;

- the cycle of sleep and wakefulness;

- metabolism and the other functions of the human body.

Osteopaths know, that  for normal working of cranio-sacral system, all of its components must move freely. If will be happen even a minor disorder of the normally opening of movable cranial suture, than in this area, ​​the brain will be compressed, and as the result can be serious dysfunctions. These changes will lead to the defeating of various parts of cranio-sacral system , local changes in brain membranes and nervous tissue. Disturbance of activity can pervade on the underlying formations, bringing in the process the sacrum, pelvis, changing the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid pulsation.

It is obvious, that after this comes a disorganization of nervous functions, clinically are coming out in disease states.


Damage to the cranio-sacral system, are determined osteopathy often after:

1) different accidents, traffic accidents;

2) brain injuries (including athletic, home accidents, industrial, personal and also injuries during disasters and fighting -  stunning blast - barotrauma). These damages can be significant not only after major, but after a minor brain injuries;

3) birth injuries, of paramount importance for further development of the nervous and musculoskeletal system of the child.

Damages to the components of plastic children's cranio-sacral system can be happened at:

- antepartum period (perinatal trauma), in consequence of metra hypertonia, misalignment of the mother’s pelvic bones, other traumatic factors;

- at birth (natal, birth injury), in consequence of cranial trauma, while passing through the birth canal, unsuccessfully  performed obstetrical benefits;

- early postpartum period (postnatal trauma) and later.  Parents often forget about children injuries, especially the lungs, but  the consequences of all this can cause  much problems.

Patients of  the Clinic functional treatment "MedAlternativa" are lucky in this regard, because they can get high-quality assistance by the certified specialist - cranio-sacral therapist.

The choice is yours!


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